Code of Conduct

Ranelle Golden provides training opportunities only. Any consulting you receive from Ranelle Golden is done so through consulting capacity independent of respective companies. Developing material with Ranelle Golden does not mean you are developing material for a respective company. Please do not ask Ranelle Golden to review unrelated, additional or revised material, or for her personal contact information, as such things are under her discretion to offer. Keep all conversations focused on feedback and advice. Any writer causing Ranelle Golden to feel pressured will result in probation or forfeiture of any remaining scheduled sessions. Unless otherwise instructed or invited, do not contact the Ranelle Golden outside the scope of the specific mentorship program. This includes but is not limited to contacting via social media, phone, LinkedIn, etc. without her explicit invitation.

As a screenwriting mentee, you agree to be respectful to Ranelle Golden and all staff related to this mentorship program. Please be mindful when making comments about sensitive experiences and identities with which you yourself do not have personal experience.